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Optimise the performance of your brand

Healthy Sales and Marketing have been helping companies develop successful brands for the past ten years in the natural food environment. Working with many of the key brands in the sector, HSM has seen its activities develop significantly, not only in the health food trade, but also into mainstream grocery, where it has established links with all the major multiple retailers.

One of the key players in the industry, Healthy Sales and Marketing are now the largest sales company specialising in the sector. Our sales staff work with health food wholesalers, major multiples and independent health food stores, all helping to grow brands many of which are now ‘household names’.

We’re in the industry because of an affinity towards and an enjoyment of working with natural products. We bring a professionalism to the natural food sector, and our specialist knowledge of this channel attracts companies of all sizes, both nationally and internationally.

We can look at all areas of the Health Products Sector, from chilled goods to organic body care products and food supplements. Our client list demonstrates our experience and ability to adapt to a range of products and customer needs.

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