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How we work

Headed by Cliff Moss, who has previously held senior director positions in a number of companies, including Green & Blacks and Whole Earth Foods, the HSM team is enhanced by key personnel who have all held senior positions in the sector - and it is the experience of the whole team that enables us to continually grow in a competitive market.


Such in-depth industry expertise has enabled HSM to consistently grow brands within the natural products environment - in both the food and non-food arena - and to develop mutually beneficial long-term relationships with partners across the globe. Our represented brands now represent over 7% of all those products sold in the channel.



Most of the brands that we represent are, within their category, the leading or certainly one of the leading brands in the channel. This runs consistently through our long established portfolio.

We don’t work with competing brands, and we are selective about who we do work with. Brands must have the quality and the ethical attributes that we can sell to the UK market.


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