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HSM is able to offer everything from sales representation through to the fully integrated running of a UK business, for an overseas company. We have the ability to get products into the marketplace quickly, and we are able to pull them through at retail level thanks to our field sales team. We are the largest company in the channel that operates in this way.

As one of the leading suppliers to the natural food industry, both at wholesale and multiple retail level, we have access to key buyers. This is not always the case for companies coming into the UK, or companies that don’t have our specialist knowledge and experience.

“Our turnkey approach includes an importation and logistical function for the UK wholesalers. We are able to consolidate supply to wholesalers of a number of products. Simple things like product labeling can be a real challenge unless you have an experienced partner like Healthy Sales and Marketing.”

Director Cliff Moss is completely hands-on. He calls regularly on clients and retailers, thereby keeping the HSM team at the forefront of developments in the sector.


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