Simply cider vinegar and honey. As its always been.

Honegar blends the finest apple cider vinegar with pure honey to create a delectably drinkable tonic reputed to have many health boosting benefits, including the relief of joint related pains and symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism, as well as assisting with digestion, promoting weight loss and maintaining the body’s natural balance.

Based on a traditional folk recipe passed from generation to generation, the unique honey-based formulation was discovered by the late Dr DeForest Clinton Jarvis, an American physician best known for his work in the area of folk medicine, who became convinced of the remedy’s health benefits while working among farming communities in Vermont, USA.

His observations led to the preparation of the original Honegar recipe, following which Dr Jarvis devoted his work to investigating the uses for Honegar, and researching its benefits for promoting good health and wellbeing.

            Old Honegar bottle design

           Old Honegar bottle design

More than 50 years on, Honegar has an international following, with devotees including Sir Ranulph Fiennes, who swears by the preparation to keep arthritis at bay.

Renowned for its natural antiseptic, soothing and cleansing properties, and packed with amino acids, trace elements, calcium, potassium and iron, honey has long been popular as a high energy health food.  Cider vinegar has been valued for its medicinal properties since 3000BC, when the Egyptians reputedly used it to treat a variety of health ailments, and as a tonic to aid weight loss. 

The combination of pure honey, carefully processed to retain its natural goodness, and cider vinegar made from premium whole dessert and cooking apples has created a powerful yet comforting tincture - nature’s own golden liquid multivitamin.

Honegar Original is available from Holland & Barrett, all good health food stores on the high street and online.



Honegar is a blend of unpasturised honey and cider vinegar made from fine whole dessert and cooking apples.

We recommend a tablespoon of Honegar in a glass of water, taken twice daily, to promote good health.

500ml and 1000ml