Rayner’s Launches New Premium Quality Organic, Cold-Pressed Oils

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British Heritage ‘essences and essentials’ brand Rayner’s - launches 4 new organic, raw, unfiltered and cold-pressed artisanal oils; which complete the comprehensive new-look range, including; 5 new vinegars and an organic Coconut Aminos, (launched Winter, 2017)

Responding to consumers ever-expanding desire for versatile, organic and quality artisanal oils at accessible every-day prices – the Rayner’s range offers premium culinary options and health supplement benefits; with flax and hemp oil particularly used as health-boosting food supplements, included in smoothies, salads or simply taken straight from the spoon.

As well as being certified organic – Rayner’s oils are ‘cold pressed’ in the traditional, natural way - with seed oils extracted without the use of chemicals or solvents at temperatures below 40°C.  This ensures that the full essence and character of the oil is preserved. The new range includes

 Organic Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml - RRP £6.99: A premium quality, organic, cold pressed, raw extra virgin olive oil which is unfiltered ensuring the oil is as fresh as possible and giving a better, more intense, fresh fruity flavour that retains more nutrients.

 Organic Cold-Pressed Unrefined Rapeseed Oil 500ml - RRP £4.69: Cold-pressed and unrefined to maximise the nutritional content and nutty taste, with the lowest saturated fat content of any oil.  This oil is a good source of Vitamin E, high in mono-saturated fat - Omega 9 and has 10x the Omega 3 content of olive oil.

Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil 250ml - RRP £5.85: With a delicate fresh hemp seed flavour this oil is high in essential fatty acid – Omega 6.

 Organic Cold-Pressed Unfiltered Flax Seed Oil 250ml - RRP £5.75: This is 250ml gently cold-pressed in small batches in West Sussex and uniquely unfiltered to maximise nutrients and flavor, resulting in a wonderful smooth, nutty and buttery flavor. It has a naturally higher content of Omega 3 (up to 34%) compared to other brands.

 The new oil range joins a 6 strong Soil Association certified organic vinegar range - utilising raw, unpasteurised and unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar containing ‘the mother’.  

Rayner's is proudly produced by Healthy Food Brands, part of the Healthy Sales Group. Tel: 01403 786460